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Lifescape Portraits LLC

2 Honey Locust
Littleton, CO 80127
Tel: 303-596-7898
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We provide a custom senior experience and lasting art

Your senior year has finally arrived and soon you will begin another important chapter in your life. What better way to celebrate your achievements so far than with a portrait session at Lifescape Portraits. 
We know just how important it is to show all the things that have been part of your life. Play sports? Have a cool car? Love horses? Seriously into fashion? Dance? We can help you get images that are not only unique but will show who you are. 

We plan each session around you. If you want city life, to revel in Colorado's natural beauty, or anything in between, that's our specialty. Each session is 2 to 2.5 hours where we showcase all that has brought you to this amazing time in your life. When you book us, we create art that will last a life time and not something that goes in a drawer at the end of your senior year. 

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Your investment 

After a career in photojournalism, we entered into the senior portrait business because we saw our neighbor's kids paying huge cash and getting hardly anything for their investment when it came time for senior portraits.  We are mid-range in pricing for the Denver market and we give our clients a lot more for their investment than the other studios.

Your minimum order of $500 can be filled in many ways. We have worked with designers to make our print collections integrate into your home decor and bring joy to both the senior and parents. Our print collections include wall art, gift prints, and specialty products that appeal to everyone. Your senior year will go by quickly and the wall art on display will become even more meaningful to your parents and family while you are miles away at college. 

Most popular with the parents: Wall Art
Our seniors love the metals

Our seniors love the Wood Gallery Blocks
New for our 2021 Seniors: Leather Folio with their ten favorites in a book on pure cotton Amalfi paper

Lifescape Portraits since 2009

I would be thrilled to be your photographer and will do everything I can to make your portrait session special.  I believe we are all special in a variety of meaningful ways and I will instill your portraits with those qualities that make you shine. When I was a kid, I started out documenting my family with a film camera, more of a  photojournalistic style, than portraiture. I loved to show the story around the person rather than have them just sitting posing. My grandparents live on in those portraits. I carry that desire of chronicling your story into the portraits I do for each senior.  

Contact us today to start a conversation and find out more about how we can help you capture your senior status and first steps on your journey to college or full time career. To reiterate our driving goal, we want you to enjoy your portraits today and for future generations.

Answers to your FAQs 

<h2>...or why I should hire a professional photographer</h2>

At Lifescape Portraits we don't charge for post processing your portraits like some other studios. Our philosophy is if you don't look good, we don't look good. We also don't give you that fake, plastic looking skin. We touch up your minor blemishes while keeping you looking real. Our professional level of processing turns your portraits into great portraits. 

Book your session

  1. When you book your session, we'll schedule a pre-session consultation date - that's when we meet and customize your session, picking a location and time to shoot. I'll give you a packet with helpful tips about makeup, clothing, and what to expect.
  2. We'll schedule a date and time for your actual session. 
  3. We also schedule a Viewing appointment date and time so you can watch a slideshow with the fantastic results of our session together and pick your senior portrait and print collection. I'll assist you with selecting the perfect items to commemorate your senior year. Once you pick your collection, payment is expected at this appointment so all of the decision makers need to be present. Your collection will be ready in 3 to 5 weeks. 

How many outfit changes do I bring?

Another aspect of your shoot our studio doesn't limit is outfit changes. We suggest you bring a minimum of six outfits but hope you bring more.  We'll go through your outfits at the start of your session and plan out what outfit will look best for each phase of your session.  We also ask that you bring a variety, starting with something you would wear every day all the way to your prom or formal wear. Don't forget winter styles as well as those accessories and props. 

I'm not sure how to pose, how does that work?

You will be guided and directed by Shepherd who knows how to make you look your best.  Years of working with a variety of body shapes has given him the knowledge of what angles look best. You'll also be coached on some things to do that give you that free spirited, non-posed look so your portraits look more natural. 

What will my session be like?

It will be a blast! Shepherd combines professionalism and humor to keep you at ease and make your session seem effortless and fun.  Most people can't believe the session has gone two hours when it is time to wrap up. 

I want to shoot later in the summer. Why should I call now?

Our session calendar fills up quickly and we only have a limited number since we custom tailor each session to each senior.  Booking early guarantees your place with us and we've found a lot of seniors look forward with anticipation to their date.  We always feel bad turning seniors who wait to call away, but with a limited number of sessions available, don't wait too long. 

Should I bring my parents with me?

Most certainly! We suggest bringing at least one parent or your best friend, especially for the ladies. They help you with your outfit changes, hair and makeup.  They also can help you feel more at ease during your time in front of the camera. 

I wear glasses but hate reflections on them, should I wear them for my session? 

We use on location lights to make your portraits even more professional looking and for the most part we know the correct placement for the light so that you don't get reflections showing up.  Sometimes due to the environment we will get an occasional reflection so we suggest some portraits with out glasses or you can ask your optometrist to remove the glass from your frames or if they can furnish a second set of frames with out glass in them. 

<h2>Lifescape Portraits LLC</h2>
2 Honey Locust
Littleton, CO 80127
Tel: 303-596-7898

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